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Exotic Driving and Rental focus on unique and exciting driving adventure that puts you behind the wheel of exotic sports cars for an adrenaline-filled drive through some of the most fun roads in Puerto Rico.  We offer daily rentals or tours ranging from total distance of 20 miles up to 100 miles that will give you the opportunity to test the exotic car in some of the scenic roads in Puerto Rico.  You can bring a passenger and share the experience.  This experience is a perfect gift for people who love the thrill of driving a super car.

We also offer the choice of daily rental for special private events.  Imagine yourself with your dream car at your wedding or as a special gift to drive the car on your birthday.  We offer multiple options and packages that can accommodate to your budget.

Why wait? Hurry up and call our office at 787-455-5202 for reservations of your special driving and rental.

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  1. Roni. Hareb says:

    I would be interested in renting a high end sport.s car what do u have to offer?

    1. Edwin says:

      Hi! We currently have an Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, Porsche Boxter Convertible Black Edition and a Camaro SS convertible. Let us know what type of rental you are interested and we can give you all the details.


      Exotic Driving and Rental

  2. Octavio Stuart says:

    Hi, I would like to rent a high end car for a day for my brothers wedding

    1. Edwin says:

      Hi Stuart! Let me know the day, what car and what type of service you like. We can offer you driver service or you can pick up the car for 24 hours.

      1. Edwin says:

        Stuart, please call our office at 787-455-5202

  3. Roberto Ruiz says:

    What’s the minimum age you can be? I’m 20 and I’m coming to PR June 6th I would love to buy one of the packages

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